What Is Take & Bake?

Enjoy hot, hearth-baked bread, fresh from their own oven within minutes

Perfect for spur-of-the-moment dinner plans or a complement to your everyday meals

Comes with detailed "how to bake" instructions to ensure that even the most beginner-level chef can bake hot oven-fresh bread in minutes

Fill your table with delicious, fresh-baked bread

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Our Latest Flavors

Six exciting flavors that are perfect for shaking up your favorite recipes or creating new favorites.

Everything Rolls

A savory roll that will delight the senses. A soft interior with poppy seeds throughout and a crunchy, savory top with onions, poppy, sesame, and salt.

Ancient Grain Baguette

A blend of 9 grains and seeds along with the slow fermentation of our signature sourdough results in a multi-textured eating experience.

Seeded Sourdough Rolls

Generous amounts of millet, flax, and poppy seeds enhance the rich sourdough taste of these soft and chewy rolls with their fine, crispy crust.

Sunflower Turmeric Rolls

Poppy and sunflower seeds flavor the soft interior while Turmeric spice gives these rolls great color and flavor.

Rosemary Garlic Focaccia Rolls

Rosemary and roasted garlic create an aromatic and savory roll with a crisp crust and a soft and doughy inside, perfect for a delicious sandwich.

French Sandwich Rolls

This French Sandwich Rolls smooth taste and crisp, golden crust make it the perfect bread for your favorite sandwiches.